The Best Miter Saw Stand! Making your job easier, faster and more profitable! 


I was cutting cedar T&G to face 2 garage doors on a miter saw stand with a lockable stop.  After completing all the cuts and beginning the install I discovered the stop had moved after cutting about one third of the first door.  As a result I had to recut almost all of the T&G.  I spent $400 for the new cedar, made another trip to the lumber yard, and lost the time recutting the T&G.  I am sure you can identify with my frustration over this waste!   It was at that moment Correct Cut began because there had to be a better way.

Along the way we decided to solve more than the issue of a problem stop.  We produced a tool that was faster and easier for repeatable cuts.  We also saw how costly misread tape measures could be so we eliminated the need to measure each board.

In listening to other contractors we found that they wanted a tool that improved finish work as well as framing.  The need to simplify crown molding installation and speed up trim out were some of the more common concerns we heard.

Correct Cut provides the solutions that contractors and DIYs want. Correct Cut makes your job easier, faster, and more profitable. You won't mind a better or more efficient miter saw stand.