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Monday, December 19, 2016

"We have tried several saw stands over the years but this one is far better than anything we have tried. We are so pleased with it we bought a second Correct Cut to keep multiple jobs going simultaneously. Correct Cut is a clear winner."

Posted by jmeyer at 12/19/2016 8:03:00 PM

"We definitely use the Correct Cut.  On interior trim out our time is cut by approximately 25%!  It is simple to use and makes my job easier and faster."

Posted by jmeyer at 12/19/2016 8:02:00 PM

"An incredible time saver! The Correct Cut has helped my students make repeatable and accurate cuts in less time. A truly intelligent saw stand!"

Posted by jmeyer at 12/19/2016 8:00:00 PM

"I was very impressed at how accurate it was."

Posted by jmeyer at 12/19/2016 7:59:00 PM

"I have a Correct Cut for about two years and every time I turn it on is accurate and ready to go.  Whether I am doing a small or large project I find the repeatability and accuracy very valuable.  On the bigger projects it makes my work faster and saves me time and money.  It is a great tool to have."

Posted by jmeyer at 12/19/2016 7:57:00 PM
Monday, May 4, 2015

In today’s blog we revisit the obvious.  Producing a higher quality house more cost effectively is a never ending journey.  Appropriately, we often look to the small or individual items or tasks and consider what improvements can be made.  Bulk material purchases, new construction products, new tools, and new techniques are just some of the areas we look to improve.

A question we should ask ourselves is how changes we make affect the big picture or final product.  We have probably all made the mistake of using a short cut or cheaper product that ended up costing us time and money.  However, that is not the case when using Correct Cut, the time savings which translate in to labor savings associated with using Correct Cut during framing are documented.  The reduced number of miss cut boards when using Correct Cut is also a substantial savings.  Either of these improvements alone would be worth the purchase price of Correct Cut. 

Posted by jmeyer at 5/4/2015 6:58:00 PM
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In construction we tend to focus on savings by increasing the speed for doing something.  When we complete a task faster the savings goes directly to our bid bottom line.  Cutting the framing or finish package faster is an important and valid path to a better bottom line, but it is not the only path.  An often overlooked path to greater profit is by improving accuracy and reducing mistakes.

None of us like to admit we make mistakes, but it does happen to even the most seasoned professionals.  Two particular cases stand out in my experience, the misread tape measure and the moving stop.  The first has happened to me on more than one occasion and sometimes it is my miss cut board, sometimes it is a board being supplied to me from someone else on the crew.  The cost of the individual board is small compared to labor required to pull apart a door rough opening that has been nailed in place.  Not only does one have the pleasure of doing the same task over again but you also can enjoy the time lost to pulling apart the framing.  Satire aside this is just frustrating on the jobsite because of all the wasted time.   The second case, the moving stop, is one of the more unexpected problems to have on the jobsite.  I was cutting the cedar T&G for a garage door face on a miter saw stand with a lockable stop.  I double checked the first two cut boards to be certain the cuts were perfect and checked the stop lock.  I then proceeded to cut all the T&G for two garage doors only to find about one third of the way through the installation of the first door that the stop had moved.  This meant that I was provided the opportunity to purchase all that cedar again and repeat the cuts.  When making repetitive cuts like that one mistake can be carried through a large number of cuts and result in significant costs.

In both of the above cases there was a better way.  A display of the cut length in an easy to read format would have helped eliminate the mistake.  In the first case seeing the numerical value in a clear fraction format instead of misreading a series of lines on the tape would have caught the problem during the cut so the incorrect trimmer would never have been installed.  In the second case, a real time display of the cut length would have shown that the stop had moved.  

The upside of these types of mistakes is that Correct Cut ( was developed.  Correct Cut helps eliminate expensive mistakes on the jobsite while allowing more accurate cuts to be made faster.  In my next blog posting I will discuss the advantages of increased accuracy and how that can improve your bottom line.

Posted by jmeyer at 4/1/2015 3:27:00 AM
Friday, March 27, 2015
Posted by jmeyer at 3/27/2015 10:39:00 PM
Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
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