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"We have tried several saw stands over the years but this one is far better than anything we have tried.
 We are so pleased with it we bought a second Correct Cut to keep multiple jobs going simultaneously.
Correct Cut is a clear winner." 

-Glen Kamerman, Kamerman Construction


Correct Cut saves time, money, and material. 

"An intelligent miter saw stand for a miter or cutoff saw, the Correct Cut improves the bottom line. "

The portable Correct Cut stand has an integrated and lockable stop connected to a touch screen display that provides accurate and real time feedback to the operator of the length and type of cut to be made.  This drastically reduces mis-cut boards due to a misread tape measure which saves the contractor materials. 

A 37% time savings using the Correct Cut instead of the tape measure and circular saw during framing has been demonstrated. Additionally, the Correct Cut does not require the operator to be bent over a bunk of wood to make the cuts thus reducing fatigue.  All of these features and benefits translate into an improved bottom line for the contractor.

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